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Frequently Asked Questions


Your lamps are so creative! How are they made?

They are an assembly lighting system made up of interlocking quadrilaterals. Each lamp is constructed by interlocking the quadrilaterals together.

Are they made out of paper or plastic?

Our lamps are made our of a high-quality plastic called Polypropylene, also known as PP, which is heat resistant, light-weight, neat, unique and affordable. 


Will the lamps catch fire if I leave it on too long?

Definately not! Again, it is made out of a plastic called Polypropylene which are heat resistant. They are the same material you see in microwavable containers and such.


What kind of light bulb can I use? Will the light burn if I keep it on too long? And how do I change the bulb if it goes out?

It will not burn, no matter how long you keep it on. We have lights in our store that are on 24/7. You may use up to 75-watt light bulbs. The light bulb that we provide to you is a standard 13-watt flouresent light bulb (CFL), unless otherwise requested.To change the light bulb, all you have to do is remove any of the panels. Once you switched out the bulb with a new one, simply interlock the piece back together.


How do I hang it up?

When you purchase one of our ceiling lamps, you have two choices:

1. Standard Cord: We will provide you with the cord, an on/off switch and hook at no additional charge. All you have to do is attach one hook to your ceiling, run the cord, and plug it into an outlet.

2. Fixture: If you are planning to install it professionally and connect it to a light switch, please notify us that you need a fixture and we will provide the proper cord for you.


How do I clean the lamp?

Cleaning it is simple. You can dust it with a duster, wipe it down with a cloth or remove the cord and wash it.


Custom orders?

If you don't like a certain color, we can mix up any colors you like. Please contact us to check availability. What is the turn around time? A custom made light can take anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes! Depending on the shape. 





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